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Environmental Policy

Basic Principle
Furukawa Sangyo recognizes that the issue of the Earth's environment is one of the most important issues for society today. It will make a proactive contribution to conservation of the Earth's environment and the realization of a sustainable society through Furukawa Sangyo's corporate activities.
Courses of Action
  • We will always take action with the awareness of the effects our business activities may have on the environment and will strive to make ongoing enhancement of our environmental conservation activities.
  • We will comply with the environmental regulations of countries, local governments, etc., as well as follow related matters requested by customers and others. We will also establish voluntary standards for ourselves, as necessary.
  • We will strive for ongoing and continuous improvement of the environmental management system by establishing environmental objectives and goals, and carrying out periodic reviews.
  • We will take full consideration of environmental effects and strive to provide products that are harmonious with the environment.
  • We will proactively undertake the improvement of the office environment and a lowering of the amount of resources and energy use as well as wastes produced in our daily business activities.
  • We will establish necessary organizations and systems, such as an environmental management system, necessary to promote our environmental conservation activities.
  • We will educate our employees regarding environmental conservation, carry out promotional activities, etc., and strive to enhance the understanding of our Environmental Policy and awareness of environmental conservation.
We will strive to promote the above efforts by providing information, etc. to our affiliated companies.