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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Automotive Electronic Components

A service in sync with the manufacturing floor

It is said that a single car is made using between 20,000 and 30,000 components.

We provide a comprehensive service that includes reliable and durable parts and products, as well as a system for the timely delivery of parts and materials to the manufacturing floor.

We offer a reliable service in Japan and other parts of Asia to meet the demand for a variety of products, including mold materials, molded products and modules.

Photo of Aluminum radiator materialAluminum radiator material

Photo of Connector (Automotive part)Connector (Automotive part)

Photo of Steering roll connectorSteering roll connector

Photo of Wire harnessWire harness


Engine / Electrical component / Electricity / Drive / Steering / Suspension / Braking / Car body / In-vehicle information system / Supplies

Automotive Electronic Components

Plastic mold materials
  • PBT resin for SRC
  • M/B compound for EV
  • Compound for power cable accessory
Plastic molded processed product
Metal pressed product
Battery catalyst plug part
  • molded product
  • Ceramic part
  • Catalyst
    (processed compound)
  • POM resin
  • PBT resin
  • PP resin
  • PA66 resin
  • PPS resin
  • modified PP resin
  • Master batch
  • Panda
  • AVS


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