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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Environmental Contributions

Furukawa Sangyo acquired ISO14001 accreditation in May 2004 (6 sites) and completed acquisition for all of its Japan bases in March 2008.

As initiatives in global environmental conservation become increasingly necessary, Furukawa Sangyo will work hard as a trading company to supply products free from environmentally harmful substances and to make proposals for environmentally-friendly products as we seek to avert the environmental risks expected to arise in the future, as a member of an environmentally-friendly society.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

All members of Furukawa Sangyo recognize that protecting the global environment is the most pressing challenge facing international society. We will contribute to a sustainable future for the planet as a trading company that promotes environmental safety.

Courses of Action

  • We will work hard to make ongoing improvements in conservation of the global environment by observing environmental laws and regulations, by meeting other requirements, including those of our customers, and by achieving our environmental goals.
  • We will work hard to supply products (environmentally friendly products) and services that are friendly to the global environment.
  • At all stages of our corporate activities, we will work to reduce environmental risk, including by implementing measures to tackle climate change, promoting resource conservation and recycling, and reducing environmentally hazardous substances.
  • We will give consideration to the impact of all of our business activities on the ecosystem, and strive to conserve biodiversity and use sustainable resources.
  • We will work to promote symbiosis with nature and local communities by holding dialog with stakeholders.

April 1, 2017

CEO & President, Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. Atsuhiko Yokota

Organizational Framework

Fig of Organizational Framework

Environmental Improvement Activities

ISO 14001 Certification

With the belief that the acquisition of ISO 14001 certification would be effective as an environmental conservation effort, Furukawa Sangyo worked to obtain this certification.

The certification was obtained by the head office, Kansai branch, Chubu branch, Kita-kanto sub branch, Chu-shikoku sub branch and Gunma sub branch in May, 2004 and then by Hokkaido sub branch, Tohoku sub Branch, Hokuriku sub branch and Kyushu sub branch in December, 2007.

We will make more effort in order to obtain the certification for the rest of all our offices until 2008.

Eco Office Activities

Each employee is aware that we carry out our business activities by utilizing limited natural resources. They carry out, in their daily activities, efforts to lower energy and natural resource use as well as reduce the amount of wastes created.

The use of unnecessary power is reduced by guiding employees to turn lights out during lunch breaks as well as in the use of OA and other equipment. Furthermore, we are involved in efforts to reduce the amount of OA paper used by promoting the use of electronic media, reviewing how internal reference materials are used, etc.

Environmentally Friendly products

Green Purchasing

We promote "green" purchasing of general-purpose items such as office supplies.

We practice making purchases only after full consideration of their necessities, and prioritize the purchasing of products that have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Sale of Products Harmonious with the Environment

We recognize the 21st century as being the century of the environment, and we work with customers to sell products that are environmentally friendly.

Activities at Subsidiaries

We promote environmental conservation activities at subsidiaries as part of the Furukawa Electric Group. We strive to contribute to the lowering of environmental groups and well as the enhancement of recognition of our activities by society.

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