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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

“Minato-ku Adopt” Activities

As part of our social contribution activities,
Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. is carrying out volunteer
street-cleaning activities in Minato-ku.

Policy and Aims of Activities

  1. We will participate in the “Minato-ku Adopt Program” (upkeep of streets and parks carried out by Minato-ku and local people working together) organized by Minato-ku, and carry out regular neighborhood street-cleaning activities.

Outline of Activities

  1. Minato-ku has entrusted us with taking care of the streets surrounding our head office, and as such, we will remove litter such as empty cans, cigarette butts, etc. from the streets on a weekly basis.
  2. All employees will take part in the activities.

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