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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


Feb. 1947 Established as Toei Dengyo Co., Ltd. Sales of electrical wires, copper and brass products, batteries, etc. commenced.
May 1951 International Trade Division (current Overseas Division) established and overseas trading launched.
Oct. 1959 Name changed to Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha Co., Ltd.
Jun. 1963 Construction work business registered.
Jul. 1964 Insurance factorage commenced.
Oct. 1970 Current branch office network in major Japanese cities completed.
Apr. 1985 Transportation Division established and entry made into the railways market.
Oct. 1989 Furukawa Sangyo (H.K.) Ltd. established.
Oct. 1990 Taiwan Representative Office opened.
Jul. 1991 Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. established.
Jun. 1992 Guangzhou Representative Office opened.
Jan. 2001 Ho Chi Minh Representative Office opened.
Jan. 2002 Furukawa Sangyo Shanghai Co., Ltd. established.
Feb. 2002 Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha (Thailand) Ltd. established.
Apr. 2003 Furukawa Sangyo (H.K.) Ltd. Shenzen Office opened.
May 2004 ISO 14001 certification obtained (6 sites including head office).
Apr. 2005 Beijing Office opened.
Aug. 2005 Furukawa Sangyo Korea Co., Ltd. established.
Dec. 2006 Furukawa Sangyo Shanghai Co., Ltd. Tianjin and Dalian branches opened.
Mar. 2007 Furukawa Sangyo (Hong Kong) Ltd. Xiamen Representative Office opened.
Apr. 2007 Manila Representative Office opened.
Mar. 2008 ISO 14001 certification obtained at all domestic sites.
Apr. 2008 Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha (S.Z.) Ltd. (Shenzhen) Office opened.
Jan. 2009 Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha (India) PVT, Ltd. established.
Apr.2009 Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha (Philippines), Inc. established.
Jul. 2010 Furukawa Sangyo North America Inc. established.
Sep. 2010 Furukawa Sangyo Shanghai Co.,Ltd. Guangzhou branch opened.
Mar. 2012 ISO 9001 certification obtained (scope of certification: Automotive Electronic Components Section, Automotive Products Division)
Apr. 2012 Gunma branch opened. (Former Gunma Office)
Authorized Exporter system (AEO) obtained.
Mar. 2014 Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha (H.K.) Ltd. Taiwan branch opened.
Apr. 2014 Authorized Importer system (AEO) obtained.
Mar. 2017 Furukawa Sangyo North America, Inc. (FSNA) received ISO9001 certification.
Jan. 2018 JISQ 9100 (Aerospace Quality Management Systems) certification obtained For Section 1, Chubu Branch; Metal Products Section, Metal Solutions Division; Kita-kanto Sub Branch; Section 3, 2nd Sales Department, Kansai Branch.

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