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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

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We will become a bond that connects people and society, and contribute to building the future.

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Since it was established in 1947, our company has been loved and supported by many customers. We think a great deal of relationships between people, always consider the customers' points of view and their situation, and we try to attend to them with all our heart.

We believe our role is to connect “people with people” and “people with society” via our high-added-value products and services. The times and the world change rapidly, but we will always handle our customers in a sincere way, listen to their requests and needs, and propose appropriate solutions to them.

While responding to changes quickly, we will cherish those things that should not be changed. In addition, “we would like to continue to be an important and necessary company to the customers.”

By making the maximum use of our functions as a trading company, we would like to be involved in “creating a happy future society” that includes people, culture, and the environment. In a new effort to achieve that, we will go on challenging ourselves.

We would greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement in the future as well.

President Atsuhiko Yokota
President Atsuhiko Yokota

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