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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Corporate Philosophy

We will cherish humankind, treasure the Earth, provide high-quality services as a trading company and contribute to the creation of an enriched lifestyle.

Before being persons representing a company, we want to be individuals foremost. That is why we will value relationships with people and treat people with compassion.

The Earth is irreplaceable for us in order to go on living, but there is a limit to its natural resources. That is why we will make effective utilization of the limited resources, and strive to protect the natural environment so that we may pass a beautiful Earth to future societies.

As a trading company, we will always respond to changes of the times, swiftly and accurately grasp needs of society, and provide services that places its focus on our valued customers.

We will contribute to society by creating an economically, spiritually and culturally rich healthy lifestyle.

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