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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


H.C. Tochigi Nikko Icebucks’ Representative Sergio Echigo Visits the Company

May 7, 2019

Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha supports H.C. Tochigi Nikko Icebucks as an official sponsor. We recently welcomed Sergio Echigo, who is the team’s Senior Director and the Representative of Tochigi United Co., Ltd., and its director Hideji Tsuchida to our company. During the visit, they gave advice to our new intake of employees for fiscal 2019, based on their own real life experiences.

Right: Senior Director Sergio Echigo
Left: Team Director Tsuchida

At the informal talk with our new employees

Sergio Echigo talked about how, as a Japanese-Brazilian who grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he was homesick when he first came to Japan. However, his homesickness passed when he made even more friends in Japan than he had in Brazil. This taught him the importance of links between people, and also how important making lots of friends will be in his future. He gave the following message of encouragement to the new employees: “When we are born and raised by our parents, it is as if we have grown up at an amazing company without having to pay any of the costs of our training. Looking ahead, you now have the chance to repay the favor, but to other people. You have joined Furukawa Sangyo, so use this opportunity to hand out your business cards to as many people as possible, make friends, and contribute to the company.” The talk was carried out in a friendly atmosphere from start to finish.

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