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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Social Contributions

Furukawa Sangyo and Furukawa Electric Group has promoted
a variety of social contributions with strong local roots.

The three pillars of our social contributions activities are:
“fostering the next generation”; “promoting sport and culture”;
and “living in harmony with the natural environment and local communities”.
We plan to develop the scope of our activities in the future.

Furukawa Electric Group Basic Policy on Social Contribution Activities (Revised March, 2011)

Furukawa Electric Group will continuously undertake social contribution activities focusing on nurturing future generations, promoting sport and culture, and living in harmony with the natural environment and local communities, in addition to its business-related activities, in order to maintain and strengthen community ties built over centuries and create a better tomorrow for future generations.

Social Contributions

Shiba District Clean Campaign

Participated in the “Shiba District Clean Campaign: A Town with Zero Smoking on the Street!” held in the vicinity of Shimbashi Station.

Eco-cap Collection

Furukawa Sangyo collects eco-caps as part of it social contributions.

Field Training in Disaster-affected Areas of East Japan

As part of its training program for junior employees, Furukawa Sangyo holds training with a focus on study tours and volunteering activities in regions affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster.

“Minato-ku Adopt” Activities

As part of our social contribution activities, Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd. is carrying out volunteer street-cleaning activities in Minato-ku.

Cultural Activities

JEF United Sponsorship

Furukawa Sangyo has promoted regional sports and contributed to the development of cultural life through its ongoing sponsorship of JEF United Ichihara Chiba.

Waku Waku Dream Seats

Furukawa Sangyo cosponsors the Waku Waku Dream Seats at Nikko Ice Bucks, which competes in the Asia League Ice Hockey championship.

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