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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


High performance materials

We offer a broad range of materials to support miniaturization and high performance in electronic components, including connector materials (which are the backbone to a variety of materials technologies), high performance copper foil, Triple-Insulated Wires (TEX-E series), enameled wires, and special tinned wire.

Photo of Silver plated wire Silver plated wire

Photo of Lead frames Lead frames

Photo of Copper alloy (strips) Copper alloy (strips)

Photo of Optical product Optical product


Digital consumer electronics / White consumer electronics / Electronics / Measurement equipment / Medical equipment / Electronic component / Semi-conductor / LCD

Electronics product

Copper foil and copper product
  • Copper elongation product, copper foil
  • Processed porous copper foil
Wire / Enamel wire
Mold product
  • Resin mold product
  • Metal mold manufacturing
Optical product


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