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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

New Energy and Environment

Technology that accelerates the arrival
of next-generation infrastructure

A future can only be expected for “environmentally-friendly” power generation facilities relying on natural sources of energy if durability can be achieved. Efficient power generation is supported not only by high quality converters, but also by high quality power transmission and storage.

As a pioneer in cable and pipe conduit products, “Furukawa Electric Group” is able to offer superior standards in equipment design.

Photo of Super conductive cable Super conductive cable

Photo of Cable for Photovoltaic system Cable for Photovoltaic system

Photo of Cable for wind-power generation Cable for wind-power generation

Photo of Package type battery system Package type battery system


Super conductor / Solar energy power generation / Wind energy power generation / Transmission / Power transformation / Power distribution

New energy and environment product

  • Solar panel
  • Power conditioner
  • Power generation system
Wind-power generation
  • Cable for wind-power generation
Smart grid
Piping material


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