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Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.

Railway Infrastructure

A comprehensive product range
offering safety and comfort

Safety is the top priority for railways, and reliability and durability are required for each and every component. Furukawa Electric Group boasts a long history of overcoming a harsh usage environmental, including external environmental factors such as temperature and salt-air damage, tensile strength, and vibrations.

Photo of Power (CVT) cable Power (CVT) cable

Photo of Signal cable and telecommunication cable for railway Signal cable and telecommunication cable for railway

Photo of EFLEXSystem for train station platform monitoring using networks

Photo of Green trough Green trough


Railway / Ship / Transmission / Power transformation / Power distribution

Railway infrastructure product

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  • Trolley wire
  • Bare wire
  • Power cable
Signal and telecommunication
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  • Optical fiber cable / LCX cable / Metallic cable
  • Optical terminal closure / Splice closure
  • Network management system
Piping material


February 12, 2015
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